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Universal Bankers

Is your bank facing this latest conundrum?

Today, every branch visit counts more, costs more, and demands a high-quality interaction. No sales opportunity can be missed, and customer satisfaction is paramount.

The solution for many?  Universal Branch Associates: employees who are skilled in teller duties, new accounts, customer service, so that their time can be optimized according to demand as it shifts throughout the week, day, and hour.  The branch saves on labor expense, customers are better served, and sales opportunities are maximized.

If that sounds like a demand for new technology and training, it is.  If it sounds like a cost/revenue play, it is.

But first, it is a strategy decision:

Where should your bank deploy Universal Branch Associates – which branches?  Why – for what activities and types of customers?

Second, it is a culture change:

  • How will your recruiting, training, and overall staffing change?
  • How will your employees rise to the difficult transition?
  • How will customers be affected?
  • What are the compliance challenges?
  • How must the skills of your branch managers change to meet the higher requirements of this fluid system?

Bank Solutions Group offers a comprehensive strategy-to-implementation consulting solution:

  • Assess your bank’s current staffing configurations and suitability.
  • Facilitate a Universal Branch Associates strategy where appropriate.
  • Assist in choosing technology to support a UBA strategy.
  • Create a comprehensive approach and timeline, involving key stakeholders.
  • Develop a communications plan for all parties involved, including customers.
  • Create new job descriptions, including branch management.
  • Revise performance measures, including sales goals and service goals.
  • Develop new training programs.
  • Assist HR and branch managers in creating implementation plans.
  • Design and oversee pilot implementations at selected branches.