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Total Business Process Improvement

Every bank and credit union can benefit from process improvement.

Given the highly dynamic environment of today’s financial services industry, businesses must constantly change and adapt so they can continue to meet their customers’ needs and thrive. Most businesses constantly tweak their business processes, making incremental adjustments to accommodate required changes. In a remarkably short time, the cumulative effect of numerous incremental changes can result in a lack of alignment between an organizations’ objectives and business processes – impacting performance, increasing costs and affecting customer service.

Bank Solutions Group consultants have completed more than 200 process improvement engagements over the past 20 years with all sizes and types of financial institutions. Our experience has shown that all organizations can benefit significantly from process improvement. Typically, banks can expect to see a 6 to 10 times return on the cost of a process improvement engagement within 12 to 24 months. In the longer-term, the impact of a well-conceived process improvement initiative is transformational and can be a source of competitive advantage.

There are a staggering number of process improvement frameworks out there – TQM, Six Sigma, Eight Omega, ISO 9000, CMMI, BPMM, SCOR, SPC, etc. Too often, we see process improvement efforts approached with missionary zeal, with the notion that all processes in a company must be improved all the time. The fact is, organizations do not have enough resources to improve every process and indiscriminate company-wide programs have been shown to fail 70% of the time i.e., because they are too broad, take too long and are too expensive. In other cases, we see process improvement efforts focusing on a single criteria, such as cost or headcount reduction. These narrowly-focused programs can lead to improving the wrong activities while ignoring the ones that matter.

Bank Solutions Groups’ 4-Step Total Business Process Improvement (TBPI) methodology, combined with a highly collaborative approach that leverages internal bank data and knowledge in conjunction with in-depth experience and intellectual capital developed during hundreds of similar client engagements, is designed to get results.


Bank Solutions Group is known for its ability to complete process improvement projects using a small team of highly experienced consultants (typically 2-3 consultants) to provide tangible results in a short time. Our deliverables include a financial analysis and documentation of the before/after process models and benefits, along with a detailed roadmap and implementation support plan to help ensure execution success.