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Internal Audit Services

Is your Board of Directors confident in your internal audit function?  Have your critical risk areas been independently and objectively audited for financial, operational, compliance and strategic risk?

If like most community banks, you must make do with a limited internal audit budget, it is hard if not impossible to hire sufficient staff with the skills and experience that instill confidence in compliance.  Most banks can ill afford in-house internal audit experts in every function.  Few can afford advanced data analytics for the sophisticated risk analysis and modeling your bank needs in today’s high-risk environment.

Consider Outsourcing

If your bank faces those internal audit challenges, consider outsourcing all or part of your audit reviews.

The benefits of outsourcing:

  • Cost savings from 20% to 40% because you pay only for the work you need.  You can align costs with your areas of highest potential risk and business needs.
  • Ready access to subject matter specialists with broad-based knowledge of risks and issues, and industry best practices.
  • Greater objectivity and independence.
  • Knowledge sharing to help train internal staff.
  • Management freed from audit worries to focus on running the bank.
  • Bank Solutions Group – Your Internal Audit Partner

Bank Solutions Group Internal Audit Services offers the best of both worlds:  familiarity with your bank’s unique situation and greater experience than you could acquire full-time.

Bank Solutions Group can act as your “internal” auditors because our first step is to become familiar with your bank’s particular internal audit needs.
Our overall risk assessment pinpoints the banks areas of highest risk, so that you can prioritize our subsequent audits.

Our consultants have in-depth experience as bankers and as auditors in these key areas:

  • Lending Compliance
  • Operations Compliance
  • Fair Lending
  • Community Reinvestment Act
  • Credit Review/IRR
  • ACH

We can also conduct specialized audits where your bank has concerns or where we identify potential weaknesses, e.g. flood insurance, BSA data validations, “look backs” and HMDA scrubs.
We tailor our services to your banks needs, always at affordable fees.

With Bank Solutions Group Internal Audit Services, you can focus on your expertise – banking – confident that your operational and compliance audits are likewise in the hands of experts.