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Impact Diagnostics

Do you sometimes find yourself close to making a critical decision, facing a complex problem or evaluating an opportunity, and wanting to quickly consult with an expert? Your management team has done a lot of hard work to get to this point, but you would value an informed, independent opinion, insights or additional information before moving forward.  And you don’t want to wait months or even weeks.

That’s why Bank Solutions Group has designed a targeted solution called ImpactDiagnostic.  Our expert consultants, many of them seasoned bankers, give you an independent, objective, and rapid diagnostic assessment – in about a week.

Typical ImpactDiagnostic requests from our clients:

Identify opportunities and evaluate options

Many banks and credit unions ask us to supplement their efforts by bringing fresh ideas and insights to a variety of their initiatives: help the Board of Directors evaluate strategic options; assist management in an independent review of their business lines, sales processes,  products, marketing, organizational and operating efficiency; and help identify income and expense opportunities.

Strengthen a critical position or planned strategy

A bank, intent on persuading investors not to sell the bank, asked us to help make their strategic plan more compelling.  Others have asked us to examine their M&A plan before acting.

Resolve disparate views within the bank

Rather than create conflicts or use up political capital, some of our clients have asked us to take an objective look at the issue and provide our viewpoint.

Bring a fresh set of eyes and ears

A bank had developed a growth plan but was not confident they had identified all opportunities, so they asked us to review the plan and apply ideas from our extensive experience in helping banks grow.  In some instance, we were asked to give a new vendor contract a final review.

Size the prize

Before pulling the trigger on a major expenditure such as a big vendor contract, or a costly project, it is prudent to question the business case and size of the potential benefits.  By taking a look, and drawing on our experience and our objectivity, we can answer those concerns.

A rapid ImpactDiagnostic process

Projects typically involve two expert consultants spending 2-3 days on the bank’s or credit union’s premises meeting with management and reviewing the targeted area, followed by a few days to prepare our report.  Our report is written for the executive level and comprises a brief 7-10 page PowerPoint presentation.  It contains a qualitative and quantitative summary of the assessment, with our insights and descriptions of opportunities identified.  We present the final report in a discussion meeting with management.

And here’s how we make it even more cost effective!

Should you decide to proceed further, and ask us to develop and implement solutions that exploit the opportunities or correct problem areas, information from the ImpactDiagnostic will be applied to accelerate and reduce the cost of the implementation project.