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Consumer Lending

Consumer Lending is critical in establishing long-term, profitable customer relationships.  But competition is high, margins are under pressure, compliance is intensifying.  So there is a huge premium on an efficient, high-quality Consumer Lending Operation.

As banks seek to meet these challenges, Bank Solutions Group offers deep expertise in all aspects of Consumer Lending.  Our consultants have  years of experience, much of it as bankers meeting the same challenges you face today:

Regulatory Scrutiny and Compliance

You face an explosion of Consumer Lending compliance requirements and the scrutiny of regulators and auditors, e.g., Dodd-Frank, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Reg D, Know Your Customer and others.  Many banks have been forced to increase their compliance staff and create cumbersome workarounds and still find themselves exposed to criticism, fines, and increased oversight.  Bank Solutions Group offers a complete Consumer Lending compliance audit, highlighting areas of vulnerability and proposing immediate and long-term fixes.


Nothing eats up lending profits like labor-intensive processes.  Customers these days have high expectations for technology that makes paper-intensive applications a thing of the past, along with slow approvals and confusing rate terms.  CEOs need better reporting about asset quality and delinquencies.  Compliance officers need systems to make errors and omissions hard to commit and easy to monitor.

Today’s Consumer Lending systems mitigate all these problems and more. They are typically integrated with the bank’s other lending systems, so the choice is critical.  Bank Solutions Group helps banks assess their current Consumer Lending IT, assess alternatives, negotiate purchase terms, and install the chosen system in the bank’s environment.

360 View of the Customer

Consumer Lending customers represent an enormous opportunity for their bank, but it is squandered if the bank cannot “see” the entire customer relationship across all the bank’s business units, identify the customer properly in each area, and leverage the relationship appropriately.  Bank Solution Group consultants are skilled in bringing together the bank’s system and processes to develop the “360” view of the customer.

Consumer Lending Processes

At most banks, processes unfold over time and evolve into convergent standards for different Consumer Lending products, making it difficult for bank personnel to work efficiently from different locations for maximum productivity.  Bank Solutions Group has helped many banks reengineer their Consumer Lending processes, saving them money and improving their customer service.

Why is Bank Solutions Group so successful in turning around Consumer Lending operations?

Because we understand culture.  We understand that no one system, process, or answer works for all banks.  We work within your culture to make your bank successful in its own unique environment and strategy!  Our solutions are carefully crafted to achieve your objectives.