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Wealth Management and Trust

BSG consultants have more than 30 years of successful experience managing wealth management business lines for regional banks, and more than 10 years of consulting experience advising CEO’s and wealth management executives looking to improve net income and grow market share for investment management, trust, brokerage, and private banking activities.

Today’s engagements often involve repositioning wealth management business units to match known high net worth customer buying patterns and preferences, supported always by independent research and proven methodologies for reaching and servicing more of the bank’s most profitable customers.

Client wealth management projects can be all-inclusive or focused on just one aspect of the business line. In every case, management has identified a need and asked BSG to provide a viable solution.  Specific needs may be broad as with a strategic assessment or process re-design and improvement, or they can be limited, as with a competitive analysis or the development of a sales and marketing strategy.  Restructuring or redesigning service and delivery platforms to take advantage of market opportunities is also a topic of great interest to CEO’s and wealth management executives.

For more information on how we can assist your organization, please take a look at our services, which includes both full and targeted consulting options.

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