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Risk and Compliance

Banks and financial services companies of all sizes are more concerned than ever about risk and compliance management. New banking products, increased government scrutiny and intense focus on operating efficiencies result in increased risks and larger sets of rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these onerous regulatory mandates can result in penalties, negative publicity and financial loss.

Most banks can ill afford in-house internal audit experts and compliance officers. Few banks can afford advanced data analytics for the sophisticated risk analysis and modeling your bank needs in today’s high risk enviroment.

As experts on the current risk and compliance enviroment for banks and financial institutions, BSG is able to fully engage in determining your unique challenges and offer your organization the best of both worlds: familiarity with your bank’s unique situation and greater experience than you could acquire full-time at a cost savings of up to 40%.

BSG’s Virtual Compliance Office gives your bank access to our highly experienced and knowledgeable compliance experts when you need them.

As your Internal Audit Partner, BSG’s overall risk assessment can pinpoint your bank’s area of highest risk and conduct specialized audits.

As regulations continue to increase in number and complexity, BSG offers the ideal solution allowing you to focus on your expertise – banking.