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Collaborative Process & Performance Improvement

When do your business processes need a serious look? Maybe your bank is clearly trending into inefficient territory. You’ve installed new systems but are not getting the promised productivity. Other changes have let in small inefficiencies that add up.

Or maybe you’ve been performing at a high level in all the visible ways. But to lift your performance to the next level means scrutinizing the less visible parts of your organization for incremental process improvements that add up to excellence.

No matter your situation: When your processes falter, everything suffers: performance, cost control, customer service, and employee efficiency and satisfaction.

That’s when you want to undertake a business process improvement initiative. The key is to define the right approach. Not a massive enterprise initiative that takes too much time and attention. Not so narrowly defined (e.g., headcount reduction, or cost control) that change in one area creates problems for another (e.g., the people go away, but the work stays).

It is for those reasons that Bank Solutions Group created our Collaborative Process and Performance Improvement (CPPI) approach. CPPI – emphasis on the C – meaning we Collaborate with your employees to create an improvement culture within your organization by harnessing their knowledge in combination with our experts to achieve the best results and lasting value.

Who better than your employees, with guidance from Bank Solutions Group’s experts, to take a lead role in identifying inefficient processes and proposing changes. They know better than anyone where the problems are – the causes, not just the symptoms. They are the ones who will have to implement the process changes. How better to gain their commitment than by having them create the solutions. People support what they create and build. CPPI was specifically designed to get results while also fostering ownership with employees to ensure implementation success into the future.

The CPPI approach combines:

  • Our methodology, expertise and experience born of hundreds of such projects by our seasoned consultants, many of them bankers before.
  • Your employees’ specific knowledge, commitment, and motivation.

Our 5-Step CPPI methodology provides structure, tools and information combined with Bank Solutions Group’s expert facilitators to help your employees identify issues and opportunities. Our experts facilitate the involvement of your people and focus their efforts so their time is used effectively to bring the best issues to the surface. Each week we deliver recommendations to management for prioritization and approval as a Team which are then implemented “real time” by the CPPI members.


Bank Solutions Group’s CPPI approach leads to greater efficiency, reduced risk, and improves morale and your bottom line.