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Organizational Effectiveness

Due to changing economic, regulatory and competitive environments; new and modified products, services, processes, technology, and geographical footprint; and changes in individuals – new executives, promotions, retirements and the like, organizations are having to constantly evolve to maintain a competitive advantage.

Most accommodate the required change by constantly tweaking their business processes. The cumulative affect of these incremental changes more than often result in a lack of alignment between the organization’s objectives and business processes – negatively impacting their overall performance.

At Bank Solutions Group, we believe that organizations should continually improve their effectiveness to gain and maintain competitive advantage. However, we also believe that process improvement should not be indiscriminate as this will not achieve the results required to move the organization into the future.

The solution is to define the right approach from the outset.

Based on the experience of having completed hundreds of process improvement engagements and understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach to improving banking performance, Bank Solutions Group have created two methodologies that will assist organizations to identify what business processes matter most so that the process improvement initiative delivers tangible results in a short time.

4-Step Total Business Process Improvement (TBPI) methodology

Our 4-Step TBPI methodology utilizes a small team of highly experienced consultants to provide tangible results in a short time. Our deliverables include a financial analysis and documentation of the before/after process models and benefits, along with a detailed roadmap and implementation project plan to help ensure execution success.


5-Step Collaborative and Performance Improvement (CPPI) methodology

Our 5-Step CPPI methodology provides structure, tools and information combined with Bank Solutions Group’s expert facilitators to help your employees identify issues and opportunities. Our experts facilitate the involvement of your people and focus their efforts so their time is used effectively to bring the best issues to the surface. Recommendations are delivered to management for prioritization and approval and implemented “real time”.


With a well-conceived process improvement initiative, organizations can typically expect to see a 5 to 10 times return on the cost of a process improvement engagement within 12 to 24 months.