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Operations Sample Project

​Back Room Benchmarking

BSG consultants were asked to design a process for enhancing Operations performance for a North American bank that would reduce overall operations expense.  We evaluated current applications, tools, workflows and processes along with current and anticipated future requirements.

Our benchmarking approach addressed key operating parameters such as quality levels, operating costs, efficiency measures, productivity, data integrity and service levels.  The client’s Operations managers received an independent, external benchmarking of their key performance measures as a tool for process improvement, prioritizing tasks, standardizing metrics, and determining relative operating costs and delivery capabilities.  Implementation of the recommendations resulted in a 10% improvement in the bank’s overall efficiency ratio.

Contact Center Rationalization

BSG consultants have assisted numerous banks in the consolidation and redesign of existing call center activity, often working with multiple locations, technologies, business lines, and jurisdictions.

Thoughtful re-design and implementation of an improved call center infrastructure can help reduce expenses, improve customer service, and boost cross-selling.

BSG consultants have also designed new call centers from the ground up, using the latest tools such as VoIP, CTI, call recording and monitoring, skill-based workforce management and reporting, workflow and case management.  Successful re-design and modernization of call center infrastructure typically results in improved sales and service and significant NIE savings.

Merger and Acquisition

A non-US bank asked BSG consultants to design an optimal, pragmatic approach for merging Operations functions and support groups from an acquired organization, with special attention to operations governance, risk management, and operations processes. BSG consultants conducted structured evaluations of existing capabilities and systems on both sides of the merger, with recommendations for future staffing processes, and technology to optimize economies of scale.

Our consultants developed implementation plans, timelines and budgets consistent with approved governance processes, enabling the client bank to complete the integration with maximum efficiency.