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Marketing and Segmentation

​BSG consultants have been helping banks develop and implement customer and market segmentation programs since the early days of standalone geo-demographic segmentation systems over twenty-five years ago.  In fact, BSG consultants were among the first to work with client banks in developing and appending customer profitability to their databases.

The blending of marketing and customer segmentation theory has become highly scientific over time, especially as large banks have invested millions in developing data warehouses and related analytic systems.  Nevertheless, BSG often encounters credit unions and banks – in some cases even large regional banks – that have yet to master the art of managing customer segmentation data in ways that optimize profits.

BSG consultants can help management implement the right technology and the most effective management processes to leverage the available data.

For more information on how we can assist your organization, please take a look at our services, which includes both full and targeted consulting options.

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