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Making Bank Switching Rules Supefluous

14 October 2013

Nobody knows if U.S. banks will ever be subjected to new rules that make it easier for customers to take their accounts elsewhere, but they would be wise to prepare for the eventuality

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Bank Solutions Group optimistic about Puerto Rico market

3 October 2013

As Puerto Rico’s banks and financial services companies face increased pressure from regulators, boards of directors, stockholders and competitors, they are looking for more cost-effective ways to meet their complex business challenges.

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Consulting Firm BSG Adds New Puerto Rico Partner, Miguel Vargas

5 September 2013

Consulting firm Bank Solutions Group expands in Puerto Rico with the addition of Miguel Vargas, an experienced banking and payments executive and consulting expert.

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Good Compliance Is Good Banking

19 May 2013

There’s no denying that the banking industry is expected to shoulder an enormous compliance burden. It is ever more expensive, time-consuming, and yes, sometimes of dubious utility.

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Winners Win, Even at Compliance

19 February 2013

Rather than decrying increased regulation, bankers can embrace the new reality and turn their compliance operation into a competitive advantage.

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Wealth Management by the Numbers

14 January 2013

Growing wealth management in a contracting market requires intense analytical scrutiny of your competition’s business model and fee structures – and your own.

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