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What Your Declines and Withdrawals Say About You

14 August 2014

The regular review of the declines and withdrawals is a common practice at the banks.  In fact a secondary review of decline notices and withdrawals…

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BSA is Good for You and Especially Good for your High Risk Customers!

14 July 2014

We hope that title got your attention!  It certainly got our attention when the comptroller of the currency Tim Curry said it recently!  When Mr….

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Why is there a Regulation C?

14 June 2014

As anyone in compliance can attest to, there are Myriad consumer compliance regulations.  For bankers, these regulations are regarded as anything from a nuisance, to…

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Credible Challenge, Risk Management and Compliance

14 May 2014

For several years now, regulators have talked about enterprise wide risk management(“ERM”).  Often times however, when you ask someone to describe, it becomes a “shaggy…

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EDD – The Place Where Marketing and BSA Come Together

14 April 2014

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) are two areas of close focus of the regulators.  The need to enhance EDD is one…

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The Case for Complex Training

15 March 2014

While the BSA/AML regulations are the only ones that directly mandate training courses annually, it is common knowledge that banks are expected to have and…

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

15 February 2014

The fact is that innovation is one of the greatest traits of the US economy. The more we innovate, the more things grow and change….

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Fair Lending-Should We Self-Evaluate?

14 January 2014

Over the past few years, it has become clear that one of the areas of emphasis for examinations will be Fair Lending. For many of…

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